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Donut King

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Raspberry Coconut 100ml

    Donut King Raspberry Coconut is a blend of raspberry syrup, and creamy coconut filling. All stuffed inside a traditional fried donut.

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Vanilla Custard 100ml

    Donut King Vanilla Custard is a dessert legend. The combination of a silky smooth vanilla custard with a fresh American donut makes for a superb vape.

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Strawberry Cream 100ml

    A fresh fried donut filled to the brim with tangy strawberry jelly and smooth cream to create a flavour sensation on every vape.

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Delightful Lemon 100ml

    Donut King Delightful Lemon is a fresh baked traditional American donut filled with a creamy and tangy lemon curd.

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Deep Fried Donut 100ml

    Donut King Deep Fried Donut is a simple recreation of the classic donut,. A delicious vape perfect for fans with a sweet tooth.

  • £12.99

    Donut King- Cinnamon apple 100ml

    Donut King Cinnamon Apple is the classic combination of sweet donuts, filled with caramelized apples and enhanced with a dash of cinnamon.