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30% Off First Orders with Discount Code - WELCOME
30% Off First Orders with Discount Code - WELCOME

How to choose your first vape kit

Great Beginner Kit!

A kit that is a great choice for new vapers is a pen like kit such as the Aspire PockeX, the pen kit is easier to carry around. If you smoke or know somebody who does, this Pen Kit is a great option to start off with.

The Aspire PockeX is also a mouth to lung device. This means it has been designed to reproduce the feeling of smoking a real cigarette. Most people who start vaping are trying to give up cigarettes so it’s the best way to start vaping because it feels familiar to people just giving up cigarettes. 

aspire, pockex, starter kitaspire, pockex, kit, starter kit, rechargeable

This is not the only way though, their are many different kits. Here is an overview before you decide which is the best vape for you.

Mouth to Lung

Mouth to lung or MTL, is when you take a draw on the vape before you inhale. Doing this action will be similar to smoking a cigarette. You would use MTL devices like a cigarette but you just have to hold down the button when you want a puff.

These devices are normally small enough to fit in your pocket and normally have a longer battery life. You use a USB to charge it up so you can charge it pretty much everywhere.

A great mouth to lung kit to start with is the Innokin Endura T18 II.

Innokin Endura T18 II

innokin, endura, t18, starter kit, mouthtolung

Direct to Lung

Direct to lung also know as DTL, is when you breathe the vape straight in similar to if your smoking a shisha. People who vape these will generally use a sub ohm device. These are vaping at a resistance of less then one ohm. This means that it generates more power to the coil which produces a bigger cloud and gives you more flavour.

These devices are typically larger then the pen or pod kits. It is due to them requiring more power and they can use 2,3 or possibly 4 rechargeable batteries depending on the model you get. 

A great example of this is the Aspire Zelos 3 Kit.

Aspire Zelos 3 Kit

Aspire Zelos, Aspire Zelos 3, Kit, Direct To Lung



Choosing your first kit can be tricky but the most important thing to think about is if it is your first vape. If it is then go for something simple like the Aspire PockeX. If not look for something more advanced like the Aspire Zelos 3 Kit. Depending on what you want it to do its always best to do your research and look at the product description or phone us up about it. Consult your doctor if in doubt.