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El Fruto

Get these 100mls that pack a punch of fruitiness.
  • El Fruto - Cherry 100ml-El fruto-100ml,cherry

    El Fruto - Cherry 100ml

    Ripe Cherries picked fresh from the tree. Bursting with sweet classic cherry flavour this is an amazing tasting vape you simply won’t be able to ge...

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  • El Fruto - Grape 100ml-El fruto-100ml,grape

    El Fruto - Grape 100ml

    Grape El Fruto is Juicy Concord grapes picked freshly off la vid. Classic grape flavour fresher than you’ve ever tasted it before.

  • El Fruto - Apple 100ml-El fruto-100ml,apple

    El Fruto - Apple 100ml

    Crisp green apples picked straight from the tree unleashing sweet and zesty juice this is a flavour perfect for all day vaping. 

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