What is a 'Shortfill'?

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What is a ‘Shortfill’?

Shortfills are nothing new to the market, over the past couple years, hundreds of new lines have been added across the nation from brands such as Dinner Lady, Dr. Frost, V-Juice & more... You may have never used them before or perhaps this is your first encounter with a shortfill, don’t worry we have got your back with an explanation of what they are and how they are to be used!

So… What are shortfills?

Shortfills are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine and are generally 25ml or higher in volume. They are called shortfills as they have been ‘filled short’ of the bottle capacity to leave the perfect amount of room for a nicotine shot.

This enables you to purchase larger amounts of the flavour requested and add your own nicotine.This is great for many reasons, the main one being it reduces the amount of plastic and packaging. Why choose 5 10ml bottles of let’s say… Tobcacco blend, when you can purchase 1 50ml bottle, it just makes sense. Not to mention you will also be saving money in doing so!

Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots or nic shots are an optional addition for your shortfill e-liquid if you do require nicotine. These are used to help you reach the suitable strength for your vaping needs.

18MG NICOTINE SHOT A flavourless nicotine shot (or 'nic-shot' for short). Used in combination with our range of 0MG eliquids to create a 3mg shortfill.

Please note: Nicotine shots are NOT to be used on their own. They are sold solely to be used alongside shortfill e-liquids.

1) Ensure you are adding your chosen nic shot to a 0mg, non nicotine based e-liquid. Ensure to check the guidelines above to determine how many nic shots you will need to add to reach your desired strength.

2) Remove the cap and nib from your chosen non-nicotine based shortfill. A pair of non slip gloves and/or a small tool to lever the nib off will help with this.

3) Remove the cap and tamper seal from the nicotine shot. Slowly squeeze the contents of your bottle into your non-nicotine based shortfill, being careful to ensure no spillages occur. Wash hands and surfaces thoroughly with warm water if any spillages to occur.

4) Once the nicotine shot has been fully decanted into your non-nicotine shortfill, replace the nib, removing any temporary silicone seals that were present, ensuring that it makes a solid seal.

5) Replace cap, and hand shake the bottle thoroughly for five to ten minutes to ensure the full mixture of both your shortfill and nicotine strength.