Is it possible to mix vape juices? The Basics

Is it possible to mix vape juices? The Basics

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Mixing Vape Juice flavours to come up with new combinations can be a lot of fun. Like most anything else, it helps to have a good foundation of knowledge and a few simple rules to follow to get the results that you want. Here are some basics to get you started.

General rules
Mixing e-juice presents a whole world of new flavour possibilities, but there are a few guidelines from which you shouldn’t stray. These include:
Sticking with similar viscosity blends
Using similar flavour profiles
Using common-sense ratios

For example, in most cases, starting with a 50/50 blend of flavours that you know would go well together, such as caramel and apple, will yield the best results. Of course, there are exceptions; for example, cinnamon has a strong flavour, so you might want to use it in smaller amounts in your blends. If you have a particularly unusual e-juice, such as cola, you might want to hold off on using it until you've gained more experience combining juices and have a well-rounded basis of flavours.

The Ratio

It can be difficult to figure out your ratios at first. 
Potency is one of the most important factors. 
The difference between a red and a green apple, for example, is enormous. 
Red apple and another fruit flavour, such as blueberry, may work well together ina 50/50 combination, but the sharpness of green apple may necessitate a lightettouch.


Establish a consistent ratio utilising the drop approach if you wish to mix a stronger flavour with a more mellow one. For instance, you may try one drop of green apple for every ten drops of banana and adjust as needed. This criterion can also be applied when combining "strange" or "off-the-wall" flavours. Once you've established a suitable base, such as strawberry lemonade, you may gradually add your "special sauce" in 5 percent increments until you have the desired flavour.

Flavours that work well together

If you're wondering how to develop vape liquid with a unique flavour, start by thinking of food flavours that mix well together and work your way up from there. You can try one of the many step-by-step recipes available on the Internet, or simply think about your favourite culinary flavour combinations for inspiration. For example, you'll probably have a lot of luck with mixtures like:

  • Apple-banana
  • Apple-blueberry
  • Peanut butter-banana
  • Lemon-custard
  • Coffee-chocolate cake
  • Popcorn-caramel
  • Orange-almond
  • Vanilla-pistachio
  • Watermelon-cucumber-apple

Remember that learning how to manufacture your own e-juice is supposed to be enjoyable. Everyone, including chefs, makes mistakes when they first start out. Indeed, if you haven't made a mistake yet, you aren't doing it correctly! Don't be scared to mix and match your favourite flavours to come up with new and intriguing e-liquids to enjoy and flaunt. You'll be skilfully blending exquisite flavours for a truly wonderful vaping experience before you realise it.