How To Travel With Your Vape

How To Travel With Your Vape

If you have air travel on the horizon, whether for work or pleasure, considering whether or not you may bring your e-cigarette on the plane can be a hassle. If you're going out of the country, make sure you know the rules for travelling with a vape at your destination. You should also double-check with the airline you've picked to make sure you're familiar with their policies. However, there are some common guidelines that you should be aware of.

The restrictions for flying with vaping equipment are continuously changing, and they can differ from one airport to the next and from one airline to the next. The following are some examples of common restrictions:

Your battery and vape mod

Expect to have to keep your gadget with you in the cabin rather than in your checked luggage. You will also not be able to charge your e-cigarette on the plane. So make sure it's charged and detached from clearomisers and tanks, if possible.

Eliquid and pod refills
Just like other liquids, you can bring small 10ml bottles of vape juice in your hand luggage. You should be with some airports (such as Hong Kong) do not allow you to travel with e-liquid containing nicotine. 
If you're travelling outside of the UK, make sure you bring enough e-liquid to last the duration of your holiday, as the quality and flavour of e-liquids might vary.
Separate your tanks and clearomisers from your batteries before going through security. 
To avoid delays, either empty your tank or disclose it together with all of your other liquids. 
You should also empty your tank before boarding nonetheless because the plane's air pressure can create leaks.

If you use a difficult vape mod that takes tools to repair, you might want to switch for the duration of your vacation, as having pliers, coil wire, and other parts and tools in your carry-on luggage might raise some questions. 
When travelling, consider using disposable e-cigarettes or pod systems.
Where are you allowed to vape?
Whether or not you are allowed to vape in the airport is dependent on the airport. Vaping prohibitions in airports, unfortunately, appear to be strengthening rather than loosening. If you're unsure whether or not you can vape, phone  the airport before hand.

Vaping on the plane is not a good idea. In fact, most airlines now include special anti-vaping guidelines in their pre-flight announcements. Don't even think of trying to sneak a vape in the bathroom. While it's uncommon that vaping will set off smoke detectors, it can happen. Some airlines, notably as Qatar Airways, have detained and imprisoned passengers for vaping on board. Just like smoking, vaping isn't worth the danger of penalties or possibly prison time in exchange for a nicotine buzz. Wait until you've arrived at your destination and are in an area where vaping is permitted.
Where CAN’T you vape?
You should be aware that vaping is illegal in several countries. The Middle East and Southeast Asia are likely to have the most stringent restrictions. If you're caught vaping in one of these regions, you're likely to face the worst penalties:
Thailand, India, the Philippines, and Taiwan have all prohibited vaping, which might result in jail time.
Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Mexico, Seychelles, Singapore, Turkey, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Vietnam have all prohibited vaping (including nicotine-free vaping).
A word regarding vaping in the United States is vaping restrictions vary by state in the United States, so be sure to check the regulations in the state where you'll be travelling before hand.

This isn't an exhaustive list; make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations governing vaping in your destination (every time you travel, as these regulations do tend to change). Even when you're on the run, you can usually find a way to vape safely and legally.