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Vandy Vape Mesh Wire KA1


Mesh Wire designed for the Mesh RDA. Each Mesh Wire is five feet in length and can be very easily cut to size for use on a deck.

Please Note: We recommend using the pre-cut mesh included with the RDA as a template for cutting the best size from the spool which is Approximatly 10mm by 40mm. And for a perfect fit in the Mesh RDA you want to cut 3mm off of the length and 4mm off the width. So you will have a mesh cut that is 7mm x 36mm.


Rebuildables are NOT to be used by inexperienced vapers, you need a very good understanding of how these works and good knowledge of ohms law and battery safety. We hold no liability to any misuse of this device. If not used properly they can cause serious harm.


1 x Vandy Vape Mesh Wire Spool (5ft)

KA1 Mesh Wire

2.8ohm/ft - Approximately 0.36ohm for 40mm length
80 Mesh - 80 holes per inch

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