UD Builder's Choice Wick & Wire Clearance

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Here you can find all of our clearance UD Builder's Choice wire and cotton. All of the below stock has got to go! Rock bottom prices mean they won't hang around for long so get in there quick!

UD Kanthal A1

  • Twisted 26GA x2 15ft
  • Twisted 28GA x2 30ft
  • Twisted Clapton 26GA x2 + 32GA 15ft
  • Ni80 + Kanthal A1 26GA + 32GA 15ft
  • 28GA 30ft
  • 26GA 30ft

UD Nichrome

  • 24GA 30ft
  • 26GA 30ft

UD Ni200

  • 26GA 30ft
  • 28GA 30ft

UD Cotton & Coil Kit (5 x Cotton, 5 x Coils)

  • Kanthal A1 ID 2.8mm 0.5Ohm 24GA
  • Kanthal A1 ID 2.8mm 1.0Ohm 26GA
  • Kanthal A1 ID 2.8mm 1.2Ohm 26GA
  • Kanthal A1 & Clapton ID 2.8mm 0.6Ohm 26GA + 32GA

UD Prebuilt Packs (10 Coils)

  • Kanthal A1 22GA ID2.8mm 0.2Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 24GA ID2.8mm 0.5Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 26GA ID2.5mm 0.5Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 26GA ID2.8mm 1.0Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 26GA ID2.8mm 1.2Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 28GA ID2.8mm 1.4Ohm
  • Kanthal A1 28AWG 0.3*ID2.8mm 1.3Ohm

UD Wire Shots (20PCS/ Mini 10PCS)

  • Twisted Wire Kanthal A1 28GA x 3 (6" x 20 PCS)
  • Twisted Wire Kanthal A1 28GA x 2 (6" x 20 PCS)
  • Twisted Wire Kanthal A1 26GA x 2 (6" x 20 PCS)
  • Clapton Wire Kanthal A1 26GA + 32GA (6" x 20 PCS)
  • Kanthal A1 24GA x ID 2.8mm x 0.5Ohm (10 PCS)
  • Kanthal A1 26GA x ID 2.5mm x 0.5Ohm (10PCS)
  • Kanthal A1 26GA x ID 2.8mm x 1.0Ohm (10PCS)