The Daily Dessertz


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Flavour: TDD Apple Pie

  • TDD Apple Pie
  • TDD Banana Cream
  • TDD Cherry Bakewell
  • TDD Cream Donut
  • TDD Lemon Drizzle
  • TDD Strawberry Marshmallow


You've heard of The Daily introducing The Daily Dessertz.


Available in a range of flavours;

Apple Pie - Granny’s favourite bake. Juicy apple burst with a cinnamon thread

Banana Cream - Ripe banana rush, finished in a creamy coating

Cherry Bakewell - Classic English tart with fragrances of almonds and jam. Luscious.

Chocolate Cookie - Each inhale is like chocolate heaven!

Cream Donut - Classic cream, sticky doughnut

Lemon Drizzle - Classic sweet sponge with a tangy lemon hit

Strawberry Marshmallow - A fluffy marshmallow pie, infused with sweet strawberries