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The Bulldog Amsterdam Tin Box Small Handy Metal Storage Container with Hinged Lid for King Size Rolling Papers

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The Bulldog Storage Tin Box

  • STORAGE BOX - store your RAW papers or other king skins and roach booklets in this airtight small tin with lid
  • BACCY STASH TIN - pop top and stash tin are ideal to be used for storage.
  • ASH TRAY - or just use as a pocket ash tray rather than an air tight stainless steel storage container

Perfect for storing smoking materials such as 1 1/4 size rolling papers, filters etc.
A mini black tobacco containers which can be used as a paper holder or to store filter tips, roaches, a rolling machine. A small but spacious size due to its 1oz capacity and aluminium housing.

This tin features a flip top lid and large company branding on both the front and back.

Dimensions: 70x30x90mm

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