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Rolling Tobacco Tray 2 Part

Product Description:

The Cookies Rolling tray is the latest and greatest accessory from this iconic San Francisco brand. The 2.0 features a slide out ash tray that is easier to remove. The removable feature allows you to dump your ashes without having to handle the entire tray. In addition, there are now (6) separate holders for your filters and (3) separate holders for your glass tips. Cookies also added compartments for your dab tools.
The fully functional rolling tray measures approximately 12" long by 8.5" wide. Its the perfect size for rolling up virtually anywhere. Take it on the go or have it handy around the house. It makes rolling up more enjoyable and convenient. A definite must have for any smoker. Features gloss black finish with baby blue Cookies branding.
Key Specs: Removable ash tray, 6 holders for your filter tips, 3 holders for your glass tips, Compartment for dab tools