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RAW Rolling Mat Natural

RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat Natural Genuine Cigarette Smoking Rolling Papers

Product Details:

Size :120mm x 85mm 
  • RAW Rolling Paper Mats are made of Natural Bamboo and are really easy to use to get the perfect roll. 
  • To roll, all you have to do is place a RAW paper with the gummed edge up, with the bottom edge about 10 straws from the bottom.
  • Distribute tobacco over the first 10 exposed straws.
  • Moisten gummed edge and fold bottom of roller over tobacco (just the tobacco not the paper), press and roll the RAW Bamboo mat, bottom to top.
  • And you are ready to go.
  • Made with authentic natural bamboo wood.

Package Includes ;
1 x RAW Bamboo Rolling Mat (1pcs).
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