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50ml: Wicked Haze

  • ASAP Grape
  • Bad Blood
  • Cush Man
  • Devil Teeth
  • Fat Boy
  • Green Ape
  • Slow Blow
  • Trap Queen
  • Wicked Haze


  • ASAP Grape: This e-liquid is a smoosh of black grape mixed with summer berries and an icy menthol finish. The grape blasts through during the vape but the menthol and berries leave a cool and sweet aftertaste.
  • Bad Blood: Bad Blood e-liquid has a full-bodied blackcurrant flavour and aroma with a unique mint hint. Accompanied with Nasty's signature low-mint touch, this juice is a fruity mint filled flavour sensation.
  • Cush Man: Cush Man is a blast of tropical mango with an almost sour aftertaste. Nasty's signature low mint finish balances the tartness of the mango and leaves behind a cool, sweet and refreshing taste.
  • Devil Teeth: Devil Teeth e-liquid is a deliciously sweet honeydew melon juice complimented by Nasty's low-mint trademark finish.
  • Fat Boy: Fat Boy e-liquid is stuffed with sweet mango flavour. Tangy lime lingers throughout while low mint leaves a cooling aftertaste. Refreshing and fruit filled, this vape is as smooth as it is tasty!
  • Green Ape: Green Ape e-liquid is full of intense green apple flavour. This is balanced with an unusual but sweetly successful bubblegum note. As if that wasn't enough for originality, Nasty have then added their trademark low-mint for a cool, icy and refreshing finish.
  • Slow Blow: Slow Blow e-liquid is far from simple! A sweet pineapple flavour dominates this juice with a citrus punch from underlying lime. Finished beautifully with a touch of soda and low-mint, this e-juice is reminiscent of a ice cold can of tropical soda on a hot day - blissful!
  • Trap Queen: Trap Queen is a smooth and sultry strawberry vape complimented with a low mint hint. For fruit and menthol lovers alike, this juice is truly unique.
  • Wicked Haze: Wicked Haze is a succulent blackcurrant and lemonade flavour. With a satisfying tang throughout and a low mint menthol kick, this juice is every bit refreshing.

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