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Just Fog 0.5 replacement coils

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Original Justfog Coils, 5 pieces blister, for Justfog Fog 1 electronic cigarette in two variants: 0.5 ohms: recommended wattage between 15 and 25W or 0.8 ohms. IMPORTANT INITIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Unscrew the top of the clearomizer and remove the glass. Unscrew the old coil from the clearomizer base and screw the new coil in. Screw in the clearomizer again. Place a couple of drops of liquid on the top of the coil to avoid burning the coil, filling up the clearomizer tank to the maximum allowed, making sure that the coil is completely submerged by the liquid. With the e-cig off, breathe in two or three times to remove any air bubbles. Wait about 10 minutes before using your e-cig. During use, the coil must always be immersed in the liquid.

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