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Energy Drink Stash Can Black Red

Original price £19.99
Current price £13.99

Product Description:

Your valuables are safest when no one can find them - hidden in the midst of your products at home or car for instance. A weighted fizzy drink can is a clever space for your valuables.

The Energy Drink Stash Can Safe looks exactly like a real energy drink can, so it will never attract attention from snoops or thieves. No one, especially prying snoops, will suspect that unscrewing the bottom of the can reveals a disguised safe. 

Looks like just another can:

Handcrafted from a real cans
A perfect place to hide your small valuables, such as cash & jewellery
For access to the safe, twist off the undetectable cap on the top of the can
Hide your valuables in plain sight
Securely storing sensitive data by hiding storage devices, such as USB flash drives & SD cards

Please note real cans are used to make these and so there may be imperfections. These are made in the production and cannot be eliminated.


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