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The Aspire Plato Replaceable Atomizer Coil Head or Cartridge is a genuine replacement for the unique coil heads supplied with Aspire’s ‘Plato’ vaping starter kit. The Plato replaceable coil heads/atomizer cartridges is available in a 0.4 Ohm type for direct lung, sub-ohm vaping. For sub-ohm, direct lung vaping, Aspire’s Plato starter kit has specially designed atomizer cartridges with built-in 0.4 Ohm Kanthal Clapton coils. The Clapton coil design involves wrapping an inner coil wire with a second outer winding – very much like a guitar string. As well as producing spectacular clouds, Clapton coils also generate deep rich flavours.

These 0.4 Ohm Replaceable Aspire Plato Atomizer Cartridge is packed with pure organic cotton to help extract the purest flavours from your e juice. Plato 0.4 Ohm cartridges are rated to fire between 40 and 50 Watts.

1 x Aspire 0.4 Ohm Replaceable Plato Atomizer Coil/Cartridge

Aspire Replaceable Plato Atomizer Coil/Cartridge Features:
  • Genuine 0.4 Ohm sub-ohm cartridge
  • 0.4 Ohm sub-ohm cartridge features a Kanthal Clapton style coil
  • Fully compatible with the Plato e cigarette device and starter kit accessories
  • Vertical coil orientation for superior airflow
  • Japanese organic cotton wicks for purest flavours
  • Quick, easy coil/cartridge replacement
  • 100% genuine Aspire products