All Stars 10ml

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All stars liquid was created by Electro Mist to bridge the gap between affordable and premium liquids.
All Stars are premium flavours at an affordable price


  • BLACK LIQUORICEA sweet mouth watering blend of liquorice and aniseed
  • BLUE SLUSHBlueberry and raspberry juice blended with crushed ice
  • BUGS BRAINSBerries and tropical fruits all squashed together in a sensationally fruity vape.
  • CHERRY BAKEWELLA traditional almond and cherry dessert. As British as it gets!
  • DRUMSTICKSEverything you remember from the popular raspberry and milk lollipop, without the stick.
  • FRUIT SALAD - Old school fruit salad chew sweets - raspberry and pineapple all wrapped up in nostalgic sweetness.
  • HEISENBERG - A mysterious fruit concoction with an icy crystal blast to finish
  • NYC CHEESECAKECreamy vanilla indulgence - without the calories!
  • PEAR DROPSA fantastic, sweet and tasty pear drops flavour
  • PURPLE RONNIEGood ol' fashioned Vimto
  • RASPBERRY FIZZA great raspberry taste with an added kick of fizz similar to an old favourite chewy bar
  • TWISTAA great lolly vape reminiscent of a childhood favourite
  • I LOVE TOASTBreakfast in a vape - buttery toast with lashings of jam. Yum!
  • MOTHERS MILK - Mouth watering fruits with a dollop of cream on top. Smooth and sweet
  • BLACK PEARLExploring the darker side of fruit, this vape is berry nice!  
  • REAL CIGS - Possesses a smoother taste with less throat hit. Ideally recommended for conventional cigarette smokers who are not quite ready, or interested in moving onto non-tobacco liquids.
  • BRITANNIA SMOOTH - A smooth Silky tobacco taste.

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