The CBD Store


"The CBD Store was formed in 2017 with the intention of bringing groundbreaking new cannabinoid products to the market. We hgave strived to create the most extensive and high quality product range on the market under a single unified brand, founded upon a thoroughly regulated and high quality supercritical CO2 extraction and production process.

Our goal is to provide greater availability of the benefits of these products to an otherwise undernourished and embryonic consumer base. We attach a particular importance to our stringesnt testing procedures across our product range which ensures consistency , accountability, and only the utmost quality product making it in to the retail channel"

What Makes The CBD Store Unique?

"The naturality of our CBD production is ensured by the high fertility of the mineral rich European fields we use that are key in the production of our products. We select only the finest European seeds to ensure the most efficient CBD and cannabinoid ratio. Our in-depth knowledge of organic farming techniques allows us to produce industrial hemp, that is free from: herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

Each of our crops are harvested by hand, which allows us to be selective and pick many premium flowers for extraction. Following the harvest, we allow the plant to dry naturally, always at temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius. Once the drying process is complete, and the resulting product has been thoroughly inspected, we then compress the material in to pellets to prepare them for the CO2 super critical extraction process"

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